A Healthy Mind is a gift. It can be a treasure trove of happiness and well being. Here, at Healthy Mind, we have a very Simple, Direct and Effective Philosophy: The mind and body are not separate entities and both work together to create a harmonious existence. When the body falls ill, the mind suffers too, and vice versa. Our main aim is to provide an Online Space where you can connect with Professional Psychologists to understand and deal with any issues that you or a loved one is facing.

Online therapy has numerous benefits.
  1. You need not step out of the comfort of your own home or drive along crowded roads to get Professional help.
  2. There’s no time wasted awaiting your turn at the doctor’s office.
  3. You face no stigma or questions if seen by someone you know at the clinic.
  4. Complete confidentiality is maintained.
  5. The effectiveness of therapy conducted online and therapy conducted in a clinical setting are the same.
  6. The therapy is very cost effective.

What exactly is Online Therapy?

This is a question most people have when they think about psychotherapy conducted online. Psychotherapy by itself is a very elusive field. Not many know exactly what it entails and it brings to mind the image of a classic couch and therapist with a notepad sitting nearby.

When psychotherapy is conducted online, the process is simplified, but just as effective as a clinical setting. When you sign up for a month of therapy online, you will be required to write e mails to the therapist as directed. After a few mails, the therapist will decide the further course. No phone calls or video chats are used. The entire therapy is conducted via e mail only. So all you need is an internet connection, a computer or a smartphone and the willingness to explore yourself and find your own answers with a therapist there to guide you along the path.

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