Dr. K.H. Sancheti

Padmashree, Padmabhushan, Padmavibhushan (CHIEF ORTHOPAEDIC SURGEON, Sancheti Hospital, Pune)
Dr. Kinjal Goyal is a well trained, experienced and committed counselor and psychotherapist. Her soft spoken nature and politeness has won over her patients trust and confidence. She is very enthusiastic and dedicated and uses CBT to the best effect. Her online module of treatment is very quick and her diagnostic skills par excellence. I wish her all the success in her endeavor to help and guide patients suffering from psychological issues due to stress.

Dr Jayant Navarange

Pediatrician and Medico-legal and Fitness Consultant
Ex-President, IMA Pune and Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Pune and Maharashtra State
Dr. Kinjal Goyal is a Psychotherapist and Counsellor with tremendous compassion and empathy. She is not only well trained and experienced; she has a very understanding attitude. The very essence of counselling is patient listening, thorough understanding and then suggesting corrective acts, without coercing the client, i.e. offering full freedom of decision and actions to the advice seekers. I had an opportunity to seek her consultation in matrimonial matters of my son and I can authentically vouch that her balanced views and advice made a far reaching positive impact on family’s decision and peaceful psyche. Her gentle and pleasing personality and mannerism and convincing ability are par excellence, so also the unique aura of spacious and well decorated consulting room.I will recommend her consultation to anyone without any hesitation in any personal, psychiatric, emotional, matrimonial or behavioural problems—to avoid further complications or suffer unnecessary and avoidable stress.I wish her all the success in her endeavor to help and guide people with slightest problems to major catastrophic situations.

Shalini Lunkad

Dr.Kinjal Goyal is a young intelligent empathetic and passionate woman.She is always available and helps you in guiding and achieving your best! A great friend and counsellor who holds your hand to guide you through the rough patches in ones life! Thank you Kinjal!

Dr. Prof. Sanjay B. Chordia

(Suryadatta group of institutes)
I have heard that miracles do take place and I, myself have experienced that after meeting Dr. Kinjal Goyal. I had experienced a peculiar health issue which was not given a satisfactory response instead eminent doctors suggested / recommended her name & after taking her consultation for just few sittings and counselling by her, I felt relieved and satisfied. Till date I wonder her unique way of handling and wonderful diagnostic skills. I have shared this amazing healing and curing way of a doctor.
Great gift to the society. Continue the good job, Doctor.

Dr. Satyapal Singh Meena IRS

The counselling by Dr. Kinjal Goyal has been of immense help in overcoming my migraine headache. The techniques of treatment are distinctive and very effective along with her caring nature. I feel that she is doctor with a passion, therefore, the results are outstanding. Thanks doctor! Wish you all the best.

Dr. Sudhir Kothari

(MD. Medicine, DNB Neurology)
Dr Kinjal has been helping me with my patients, particularly Migraine and Vertiginous Migraine for the last three years. I have been impressed with her incisive and rapid assessment of the patients's psychological issues and her deft use of her training in CBT. She is particularly good at online counselling.

Adv.Kamlesh Chhajed

Dr.Kinjal Goyal's treatment helped me a lot to get rid of my frequent headaches.Whenever I looked at screen , be it my mobile,computer or TV ,I used to get unbearable headaches.But her treatment really made me screen friendly and now I can work for a considerable time.

Nikita Kirloskar

Was a great way to get to know myself better. Realized there were so many things about myself that I knew all along but always ignored. Helped me answer many unanswered questions that were bothering me, and gave me a sense of direction.

Varsha Chordia

Dr Kinjal Goyal is an expert in her field. Over the last few years I have seen her help people , guide them and help them resolve their issues and move forward . I also feel that this online service is a very effective way of reaching out to people who may not be able to seek help directly . I wish her all the very best .