Dr. Kinjal Goyal is a Psychotherapist with a Ph.D. in Health Psychology. Having worked extensively in the field of Counselling and Psychotherapy for many years, she has also authored 2 books. Psychosomatic Counselling and the use of CBT in the treatment of various psychological and physical issues is her forte. She is a Foreign Affiliate with the American Psychological Association and works independently in Pune.


One of the first questions I get from people is “Psychotherapy? Really? Does it work for all these complex psychosomatic illnesses? And how can just talking help anyone with depression or anxiety?” And then comes the second : “ONLINE? How in the world can e mails do justice to a process so complex?”

Psychology is a science. I learnt that when I completed my Masters in Psychotherapy and Counselling. It is predictable and the results can be replicated. Psychology is also an art. This is what I learnt when I worked on my Ph.D. thesis on post surgical depression. Therapy is a personal and intense process. It requires a deep understanding between a patient and a therapist. Calling it a science alone didn’t seem to do justice to the beauty of physchotherapy and the process of counseling.

When I work online with a client, the process is not mechanised. It is a highly personal interaction between two human beings, albeit with the help of technology. In this day and age where smartphones are constantly with us, having a virtual psychotherapy platform is a must. How many times have you considered seeking professional help for migraines or depression or stress..but fallen short of taking the appointment and actually going? It’s very easy to be complacent and ignore your mental health.

But with Healthy Mind, the process is now simpler and hassle free. All you have to do is sign up for a free consultation, talk to me via e mail and understand how psychotherapy can help you further. Any recommended further treatment can be completed electronically too. Getting help doesn’t get simpler than this.

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